Every Friday, 7:00pm in the UJC Sanctuary*

The UJC is always pleased to welcome newcomers as well as visitors to Hong Kong to join us for Shabbat services. In these troubled times we are sure you will agree that we do need to take especial care to keep everyone safe, and so, in accordance with our security protocols, all visitors must bring along their passports for our security official to look at before we will permit admittance to the synagogue or to any of our services. It would also assist us if you would first phone the UJC office on (852) 2523-2985, or to email us, to let us know that you plan to join us.

Shabbat Dinner

For many years, the weekly UJC Shabbat Dinners have been a hallmark of our congregational programming, bringing together members, friends, and visitors for a traditional Shabbat celebration.

As such we appeal to the members of the UJC to help continue this tradition by sponsoring and hosting a Shabbat dinner.


Please note there will be no Shabbat Dinner for the summer.

Information for Sponsors
Anyone wishing to sponsor a dinner can choose to be very involved in the planning or just a little.

Dinner costs are based on the menu cost and the number of people who attend. You may choose your own menu style and food. The dinners are served family style, that is in larger dishes for self service, which helps contribute to the community feeling of the meal.

Nancy is available to help and clarify anything you need to discuss, so give her a call at 2523-2985 to arrange your special Shabbat.

For Shabbatot when dinner is not sponsored, we offer a "Dutch Treat" opportunity to continue our important community meals at the Jewish Community Centre. Here's how it works:

Nancy and Charlene will take bookings for the dinner up until 5:00pm Wednesday night. Cost for adults: $200. Cost for children: $70.
(Advance notice is particularly important so the UJC staff can order the right amount of food from the JCC.)

Visitors to our service are always invited to join the dinner and are welcome to include their names on the sign-up sheet and make a donation by cheque, credit card, or cash, if possible.


One Friday every few months
6:15pm in the UJC Sanctuary

Everyone is welcome! Join us for Shabbat B’yachad (Shabbat Together), the UJC’s Early Family Friendly Shabbat service.

We will get in a Shabbat mood with a ruach song session with Cantor Melissa and then welcome Shabbat with a service from the new Mishkan T'filah for Youth.

For further details, please contact the UJC office.


Saturdays, 9:30-11:00am
Rabbis' Apartment*

Every Shabbat morning, members and friends of the UJC gather in the Rabbi's apartment to study the Torah portion of the week.

After enjoying coffee and bagels, we join in an informal discussion based on ideas that emerge from the Torah portion. For many, this is the highlight of their spiritual week, as the discussion reaches the heart and matter of Jewish living.

No formal Jewish knowledge is required for this study group. All that is needed is a love of bagels, a love of being Jewish, and a love of learning.

Registration is not required.
Just come - it is definitely worth waking up for!

For further details, please contact the UJC office.

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