UJC Sanctuary

Jewish Community Centre, One Robinson Place
70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
(entrance is on Castle Steps)

Whether you are new to Hong Kong, a long-time resident, or just visiting and would like a warm and welcoming community to celebrate Shabbat with! We are located in the Mid-Levels on Robinson Road just down the Castle Steps, a convenient 5 minute walk from the Mid-Level escalators. 

The following bus routes serve the Mid-Levels district: 12, 12M, 13, 23, 40 + minibus routes 45A and 56. However, please check the bus timetable for exact routing and bus stop location as not all buses pass directly by the JCC.

The UJC is always pleased to welcome newcomers as well as visitors to Hong Kong to join us for Shabbat services. In these troubled times we are sure you will agree that we do need to take especial care to keep everyone safe, and so, in accordance with our security protocols, all visitors must bring along their passports for our security official to look at before we will permit admittance to the synagogue or to any of our services. It would also assist us if you would first phone the UJC office on (852) 2523-2985, or to e-mail us, to let us know that you plan to join us.


Directions to UJC in Chinese

Print this page and show these directions to your taxi driver if necessary.
or try saying: Law-bin-san Dao (Robinson Road) Chut-sup Ho (number 70)

If you wish to attend services or RSVP for a Shabbat dinner, please email the office so we can expect you. Due to security concerns, we kindly ask that you bring your passport when you visit.

If you have any questions about us, our events, or our community please get in touch via email or the form below!
Thank you!