Holidays & Festivals

Holidays at The UJC are joyous events. In addition to festival services, The UJC celebrates in its own style – lift a beer at Sukkotoberfest, enjoy some champagne at the (adults only) Hanukkah Cocktail Party, sing along at each year’s original Purim Schpiel, recite the Four Questions in one of 25 languages at the Community Seder.

The 5780/2019-2020 Holiday and Festival Calendar is below.  Detailed information on upcoming holiday celebrations to follow.

Selichot Service

Please join us for Selichot – The contemplative opening of the Season of Repentance.

Teshuvah on the Tundra

Featuring a viewing and discussion of “Shofar So Good,” a very Jewish episode of the classic 90s TV Series, Northern Exposure.

Date: Saturday, 21st September
When: 8:30 PM
Where: UJC Sanctuary

Our Selichot Service will immediately follow the program and dessert reception.

Please RSVP with The UJC office by Friday, 20th September.


Sukkot Services

Join your UJC family in celebrating Sukkot.  Come celebrate with wonderful music & delicious food.  There will be lots of fun, plenty of singing, and beautiful Sukkot services.

Sunday, 13th October

Family Sukkah Party
11:30am-12:30pm – UJC Sukkah
For All UJC Families
* Art and Crafts
* Decorate the Sukkah
* Shake the Lulav

Please RSVP to The UJC office by Thursday, 10th October

Sukkot Dinner
6:45pm – UJC Sukkah
Cost: HK$250 for adult, HK$130 for children

Please RSVP to The UJC office by Thursday, 10th October

Monday, 14th October
Sukkot Day 1 Morning Service
8:00am – UJC Sanctuary

Tuesday, 15th October
Sukkot Day 2 Morning Service
8:00am – UJC Sanctuary

Wednesday, 16th October
6:30pm – UJC Sukkah
A JBDA gathering (Adults only).
Have a beer and feast on sausage, kraut, and other delectables.
Good beer (and wine).  Good food.  Great company.
Cost: HK$350 per person (includes two beers/drinks)

Please RSVP to The UJC office by Thursday, 10th October

Friday, 18th October
Shabbat Evening Service
7:00pm – UJC Sanctuary
followed by a congregation meal in the Sukkah
Cost: HK$200 for adult, HK$70 for children

Please RSVP to The UJC office by Thursday, 17th October

Simchat Torah

Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah at The UJC!

Come celebrate the beginning of the reading the Torah.

Monday, 21st October
Shemini Atzeret Service & Yizkor
8:00 AM – UJC Sanctuary
Please come as we celebrate the end of Sukkot and remember our loved ones.

Simchat Torah Children’s activity
5:00 PM – UJC Sanctuary
Craft Activities and getting ready for the party

Community Simchat Torah Celebration
6:00 PM – UJC Sanctuary
* Consecration of our new Shorashim students
* Siddur presentation for our B’nai Mitzvah students
* Reading the Torah – The story ends & begins again!!  Everyone gets an aliyah, including the kids!!
* Hakafot – Dancing with the Torah.  Each circuit with its own theme and colour
* “Pot luck” dairy/vegetarian buffet dinner
We need your help to make this a great event.  Please contact The UJC office to let us know what you are going to bring to this delicious Pot luck dinner.

Tuesday, 2nd October
Atzeret/Simchat Torah Morning Service
8:00 AM – UJC Sanctuary



Erev Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, 29th September
Rosh Hashanah Monday, 30th September
2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Tuesday, 1st October
Kol Nidre
Tuesday, 8th October
Yom Kippur Wednesday, 9th October
Erev Sukkot Sunday, 13th October
Sukkot Monday, 14th October
Simchat Torah Monday, 21st October
Erev Hanukkah
Sunday, 22nd December
Hanukkah Monday, 23rd December


February Tu B’Shevat Monday, 10th February
March Erev Purim Sunday, 8th March
Erev Pesach (1st Seder Night) Wednesday, 8th April
Yom Hashoah
Wednesday, 22nd April
Yom Ha’atzmaut
Wednesday, 29th April
Friday, 29th May
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Friday, 18th September
Rosh Hashanah Saturday, 19th September
2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Sunday, 20th September
Kol Nidre
Sunday, 27th September
Yom Kippur Monday, 28th September
October Erev Sukkot Friday, 2nd October
Sukkot Saturday, 3rd October
Simchat Torah Sunday, 11th October
Erev Hanukkah
Thursday, 10th December
Hanukkah Friday, 11th December