Every year, The UJC holds several events that bring the entire community together.  Sukkotoberfest and Hanukkah Cocktails are festive celebrations.  On 500 Guests Shabbat members open their homes so that 120+ members enjoy Shabbat Dinner and the chance to get to know people they haven’t yet met. There are Trivia Nights and Jazz Concerts, and 2019/2020 will feature special 30th Anniversary Celebrations.  Watch the Shabbat Shalom newsletter or check back here to see what’s coming up next.

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  • Image from UJC 20th Anniversary Celebration

UJC 30th Anniversary Celebration

For three decades, The UJC has provided a home-away-from-home for a diverse community of Jews from around the world. Time to celebrate! Check back here for details on The UJC’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations in [...]

500 Guests Shabbat

There are approximately 500 souls in our UJC family. That’s a pretty big mishpacha. Without some effort it isn’t possible to know one another as well as we should. So every year on 500 [...]