The UJC’s Shorashim School offers classes from pre-Kindergarten/age 3 through post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The word “shorashim” is Hebrew for “roots,” a fitting symbol for our school which tries to help its students develop a strong Jewish identity and solid foundation of Jewish learning.

The Shorashim faculty is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable, and caring teachers and youth educators who are committed Progressive Jews.  Rabbi Zamek, Rabbi Bergadine, and Hazan Ayal are also active members of the Shorashim faculty and a constant presence at Shorashim.  All of our educational staff develop close relationships with Shorashim students and their parents.

Shorashim meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM during the academic year.  The day generally begins with kinnus, an assembly that brings students and parents together for a short service, story, or special activity.

The remainder of the Shorashim day is comprised of two sessions:  Judaica and Hebrew.  Judaica lessons cover Torah, prayer, holidays, and ethics and values, and are based on the Chai Curriculum, which was developed by the Union for Reform Judaism.  Hebrew studies focus on developing prayer book reading skills and make use of materials tailored to students’ abilities.  All lessons are carefully planned to ensure that they are engaging, interactive, and meaningful.

Shorashim classes are further enriched by special activities, holiday celebrations, and field trips such as visits to the JCC Judaica Library, a Chocolate Seder, the Tikkun Olam Olympics, and visits to Ohel Leah Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery.  Shorashim families are key participants in UJC Mitzvah Day continuing our practice of engaging with the local community and encouraging environmental sustainability.